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Kay Ritson

B. A. 

B. Hsc (Naturopathy)

Graduate Diploma in Education

Graduate Diploma in Counselling

Master of Human Nutrition



I began my journey in to natural therapies in 2000. Big life changes and health issues for me led to my search for a better way to live.


In 2002 with my business partner Jim McConnell I opened the Harmony Centre for Natural Therapies. At first we offered only Massage, Reiki and Tarot Reading. Through my Tarot reading I developed an interest in Counselling so I obtained my degree in Counselling and we added Counselling to our services.

Having had a struggle with my weight for many years I embarked on a weight management program and for a short while ran a weight loss group in our clinic and in conjunction with a local fitness centre. I realised I needed more knowledge in order to help others with nutrition so I added Human Nutrition to my skill set. When Jim developed a heart condition I was able to put my knowledge in to practice and assist his recovery and his weight loss.


Later I became interested in the more practical application of Nutrition to individuals and went off to study Naturopathy. It was during my Naturopathic studies that I realised the importance of taking a holistic approach to health. It is not enough to change your diet or see a Counsellor or get a Reiki or massage treatment, you need to address all aspects of your health in your mind body and spirit. From this understanding and from our work with clients the concept of Vital Energy emerged as an area that needs to be addressed in order to achieve optimum health. I decided I wanted to become the Vital Energy Guru

Vital Energy comes from being well nourished, sleeping well and with a healthy mental state. Some of us have one or maybe two of these areas in a satisfactory state but unless all are in  balance we are not in a state of optimal wellness. My role is to assist people to determine where they are in the health spectrum and to help them find a way to reach optimum health in mind and body.

In 2019 I moved back to the United Kingdom for family reasons and decided to remain here. When my duties as a Carer ended, I decided to go back in to practice as a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Reiki Master in Bexhill.

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