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Vitality and Energy

Modern life is busy and fast. We often feel that we have no 'down time' and that life is just exhausting. When our energy levels are low it is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

for most people the solution is simple, Get more sleep, eat a better diet and get more exercise.

For some people lack of energy is symptomatic of underlying ill health so it is important to get a full health check up. blood tests can tell you if you are getting enough of certain nutireints such as iron, vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. Blood Pressure testing can show whether your BP is high or low, both of which can lead to lack of energy. Testing for Glucose can check whether you are at risk of diabetes. Getting weighed and measured can determine whether you are overweight, this is important as there are many conditions that may be ether caused or exacerbated by carrying too much body fat. this can also check if you are underweight which may also be an indicator of ill health or an inadequate diet. A body composition analysis using a BIA machine or getting a DEXA scan can measure the levels of water, muscle and fat in your body. Depending on your symptoms your GP or your Naturopath may order other condition specific tests.

Once the results are back you health professional can then recommend appropriate treatment.

For the majority of us small changes to our diet, lifestyle and sleep habits can make a world of difference so why not visit a Naturopath and find out more.


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